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Monday, January 2, 2017

Cognizant Placement Papers 2017 for Freshers / Experienced

Cognizant Placement Papers 2017
List of Questions Asked in Dot Net Interview

What is dot net?
Dot net is a software framework developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is pronounced .NET. It runs on Microsoft’s Windows Operating Systems.

What are the uses of .NET Framework applications?
.NET Framework used to developers for develop, run and deploy the following applications:

  1. Console
  2. Windows form
  3. WPF
  4. Web applications
  5. Web Services
  6. Windows Services
  7. WCF service-oriented applications
  8. WF workflow-enabled applications
  9. What is an IL?
  10. IL means Intermediate Language. It is also known as MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) or CIL (Common Intermediate Language). Source code is complied to IL and then converted to machine code at the point where the software installed or at run-time by a JIT compiler.

What are boxing and unboxing?
Boxing used to convert value types to object. Unboxing used to convert the object back to the value type. Both are the expensive operation.

What is garbage collection?
Garbage collection is the process of managing the allocation and release of memory in your applications.

What is globalization and localization?
Globalization is the process of customizing applications that support multiple cultures and regions. Localization is the process of customizing applications that support a given cultures and regions.

What is syntax for namespace?
namespace UserNameSpace;

What is inheritance?
Inheritance represents the relationship between two classes where one type derives functionality from a second type.

What is overriding?
Overriding is a concept where a method in a derived class uses the same name, return type, and arguments as a method in its base class.

What is Interface?
An interface is a standard or contract that contains only the signatures of methods or events. It is primarily used to set a common standard or contract.

What is ASP.NET?
ASP.NET is used to create dynamic web applications, web sites and web services developed by Microsoft.

What are the basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET?
ASP is interpreted and ASP.NET is compiled. ASP uses VBScript and ASP.NET uses .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET.

What are the difference between authentication and authorization?
Authentication verifies the identity of a user and authorization is a process where you can check whether or not the identity has access rights to the system.

What is CTS?
CTS stand for Common Type System. CTS is the component of CLR through which .NET Framework provides support for multiple languages.

What is base, derived and extender class?
Class is a template for creating an object. The class from which other classes derive fundamental functionality is called a base class. Class which derives functionality from a base class is called a derived class. An extender class allows you to extend the functionality of an existing control. It is used in Windows forms applications to add properties to controls.

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