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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Don't Attend Interview Without Knowing Answers for This 10 .NET Interview Questions

dot net
Life cycle of an ASP .NET page.

  • Stage Events/Method
  • Page Initialization Page_Init
  • View State Loading LoadViewState
  • Postback data processin LoadPostData
  • Page Loading Page_Load
  • PostBack Change Notification RaisePostDataChangedEvent
  • PostBack Event Handling RaisePostBackEvent
  • Page Pre Rendering Phase Page_PreRender
  • View State Saving SaveViewState
  • Page Rendering Page_Render
  • Page Unloading Page_UnLoad

1) Explain the .NET architecture.
a) All .Net supported Languages
b) Common Language specification
c) Windows forms / web pages
d) ADO.Net / web services
e) Base class library
f) Common language runtime
g) Operating system.

2) How does u create multiple inheritances in c# and .net?Multiple inheritances are created by using interfaces.

3) When web.config is called ?Web.config is an xml configuration file.this never gets called directly unless we need to retrieve the configuration setting.

4) How many weg.configs a application can haveone.

5) How does u set language in weg.configa) set the Ć¢€˜defaultlanguageĆ¢€™ attribute.

6) What does connection string consists ofa) connection string consist of : server name, userid , password , database name.

7) Where do u store connection stringa) connection string can stored in web.config file under configuration / connection string tab.

8) What is abstract class?Abstract class is a class which cannot be instantiated but inherited by derived classes. This class contains abstract as well as non-abstract methods and members.

9) What is diff b/w interface inheritance and class inheritanceA class can have multiple interface inheritance, but only one.
In interface inheritance : Inherited class must implement all the methods define in that interface. Class inheritance : inherited class may or may not implement all methods of that base class.

10) What are the collection classes?1) Array list
2) Hash table
3) stack
4) Dictionary
5) Queue

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