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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Versant English Test - Tips & Tricks


As per Wiki, "The Versant suite of tests are computerized tests of spoken language available from Pearson PLC. Versant tests were the first fully automated tests of spoken language to use advanced speech processing technology (including speech recognition) to assess the spoken language skills of non-native speakers. The Versant language suite includes tests of English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Arabic, and Mandarin. Versant technology has also been applied to the assessment of Aviation English, children’s oral reading assessment, and adult literacy assessment."

What is Versant test?

Versant is a completely automated test of spoken English that enables you to ensure applicants and employees have the level of spoken English language skills necessary for any job. It can be administered over the telephone or on a computer.

 - Use Versant to assess an individual’s spoken English language skills in 15 minutes or less.
 - Convenient, easy and secure administration by telephone.

How it works?

Test takers are given a Test Identification Number and listen to a recorded examiner’s voice for instructions which are also printed verbatim on the test paper or computer screen. Throughout the test, test takers listen to recorded item prompts read by a variety of native speakers. Because the test is automated, large numbers of tests can be administered and scored very rapidly. The administrator retrieves scores online within minutes.

Who use Versant Test?
Call Centers
Customer Service
Technical Support

Important Note:

These are the 12 points from an experienced person Naveen.

1.DO NOT take call over the loud speaker. You have to pick up the receiver and talk. On loud speaker your recording will not be clear and you will lose marks.

2.Be loud and clear on the call. Loud doesn’t mean you have to shout, but loud enough and be clear in the ever word you will pronounce.

3.DO NOT FAKE YOUR ACCENT: Test will be in American accent but you do not have to imitate but just speak your normal English. You just have to understand what they are talking.

4.Read all 12 sentences in PART-A before you start taking the call, because you shouldn’t struck when it comes to actual call.

5.When I say communication skills test, we are looking for fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence mastery which is divided overall in the paper.

6.Do not try to write anything while the test is on.

7.Please ensure that you are in a closed room with good VoIP phone

8.Be absolutely alert when you hear the recording.

9.Focus. Ignore all distractions.

10.Keep your patience. Do not give long pauses.

11.If you miss something, don’t let that affect the next question.

12.Test will be for 20 minutes, go ahead and take the test, I wish you all the best.

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