Information Storage & Management - Mock Test - 1 -


Monday, August 8, 2016

Information Storage & Management - Mock Test - 1

Quiz Set 1

  1. Which EMC product provides a software-defined platform that supports both block and file storage s

  2. ScaleIO
    Elastic Cloud Storage
    ViPR Controller

  3. Which EMC product is a hyper-scale storage infrastructure that provides universal accessibility wi

  4. Centera
    Data Domain
    ECS Appliance

  5. What is an accurate statement about the Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol?

  6. Uses a Remote Procedure Call mechanism to provide access to the CIFS supported file systems
    Enables a CIFS server to maintain connection information regarding every connected client
    Contains an open variation of the stateless user datagram protocol that stores information about o
    Uses file system locking to enable users to simultaneously overwrite all metadata of a file system

  7. To improve performance, which EMC product allows a PCIe flash card to be deployed in a compute sys

  8. XtremSF

  9. Which LUN expansion technique provides both capacity expansion and performance improvement?

  10. Partitioned metaLUN
    Virtual metaLUN
    Concatenated metaLUN
    Striped metaLUN

  11. An application generates 8400 small random I/Os at peak workloads with a read/write ratio of 2:1.

  12. 4800

  13. What is the minimum number of disk drives needed to meet the application’s capacity and performance

  14. 16

  15. What is an accurate statement about a logical volume in a compute system?

  16. Can only be created from a single physical volume
    Can span across multiple physical volumes
    Must be created across multiple volume groups
    Allows multiple file systems to run concurrently

  17. What is an accurate statement about the application presentation technique of application virtualizaion

  18. Application is downloaded in portions on the client for local execution
    Application executes on the client without the use of a locally-installed agent
    Application is converted into a standalone package that directly executes on the client
    Application executes remotely and its user interface is transmitted to the client

  19. What is a function of the orchestration layer in a data center infrastructure?

  20. Aggregates physical infrastructure components into resource pools
    Provides workflows for automated execution of management tasks
    Measures the consumption of IT resources by various services
    Decouples an operating environment from the underlying hardware

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