How to Clear Technical Interview for Freshers - 5 Best Ways -


Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Clear Technical Interview for Freshers - 5 Best Ways

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Actually you can skip this points if you really strong on Object Oriented Programming, Operating System and Data Structures and Algorithms - keeping whatever the Software programming jobs you are applying like Java, C++, C etc.

This applies to freshers and experienced from Java / C++ / ASP background. Also it does not matter whether you are from CSE background or non-IT branch like Mechanical Eng. or B.Com, you will be definitely come across these. You can also refer my previous article about the best answers for interview questions which needs presence of mind

1. Get basic knowledge of OOPs Concept, Database, Data Structure, OS i general. Except questions from the answer you provided for the previous questions.

2. In Data structure, expect questions from Linked list, in database Normalization and some basic interview questions on each with best common examples. Prepare to explain all OOPs concept with one example. Similarly for database. So be Strong in basics.

3. If you are really don't know answer for the question asked, be ready to say it.

4. Think twice before you answer for even known questions. This will avoid to revisit your answer if the interviewer ask more questions.

5. Try to convey that you are open in learning new technologies and thus to contribute to the company.

Best Answers for Tricky Interview Questions.

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