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Sunday, July 31, 2016

10 difficult questions asked in Google interviews

google interview questions
It is always interested to know the interview questions asked in top runners of the IT industry and even if it Google, everyone wanted to know (along with the answer). Here are some of the questions asked in Google's interview for different position like Adwords representatives, Software Engineers, Programmers, Product Managers, Media Campaign managers etc.

Even I don't have answers for almost all of the question, but I learnt the different positions to get a job in Google. :) Answers are welcome though. You may don't want to know now how to answer "Tell Me About Yourself" question which I already covered in another plot.

1. Question for Senior Software Engineer : Write a probability formula to tell how many bits will be changed when 1 is added to a 32 bit binary number.

2. Question for a Software Engineer : Design a system or algorithm to catalog all of the worlds books?

3. Question for a Programmer : How would you implement an MS Paint clone? (What objects and methods would you need, how would they draw on the canvas, and what UI elements would be necessary?)

4. Question for a Product Manager :  If you have a vacant field and add one flower and the number of flowers doubles every day and at the end of 45 days, the field is full, on what day is the field half full?

5. Question for AdWords Representative : How many buses are there in Hyderabad?

6. Question for a Patent Docketing Specialist : You have 7 balls. One weighs more than the others (not significantly) (You have a scale, like the scales of justice. Describe how to find the weighted ball only using the scale twice.)

7. Question for an AdSense Account Manager : What is the next billion dollar idea for Google?

8. Question for an Engineer : If you were given the land prices in the Bay Area, what would you pick, the mean or the median? Why?

9. Question for a Senior Software Engineer : How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

10. Question for a Software Engineer : How do you check if a URL is bad really fast in Google server. (The point is for the user not to notice the lag in the checking)

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