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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Best way to become a professional web designer in 4 Weeks

how to become a professional web designer
Web designers and web developers are two of the most sought-after professions these days, and it's not as hard is it may seem to become one. For becoming a professional web designer you should first look into the designing skills that includes elements, principles, typography, color, grids, layout, wire frames, basic UI patterns.

Here are some of the tips that will help you to become best designer

  • Learn about the wire framing and prototyping tools
  • Proficient at adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • UX including JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Learn front end languages like HTML, CSS, JS
  • Design your portfolio and showcase your projects

The most commonly used front-end coding is HTML5/CSS3. Lately, JavaScript has been in high demand as well. Lot of openings for web designers across the country. You can learn all of the above online and most of the courses are free of cost. Here are some of my recommendations.

- Lynda
- Udemy
- Google tutorials

To become a web programmer, you should be living and breathing web design. Mostly you will get it through experience by diving right into projects and clients, and designing day in and day out.

- Don't get demotivated on your first few designs
- Design always gets better and optimized; so it can't be done in a single day but its not a rocket science.
- Create a list of web designers that you admire and follow them.
- Connect and engage with your local UX + UI design communities through Facebook, twitter and other social networking.
- Find a better mentor
- Be inspired daily by impressive work from other designers.
- Make a habit of learning every day about design. Refer videos from YouTube.

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