TCS Very First Campus Placement Experience - Fresher -


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TCS Very First Campus Placement Experience - Fresher

Company Name: TCS 

Interview Location: Kolkata

Myself Depak  and I am from RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata. I'm going to share my very first campus placement experience with all of you.

The online test contained 3 sections

1. Verbal Ability test (NO NEGATIVE MARKING): In this, we have to type a short letter, the topic and the flow is provided to us and we have to take care that we mention all the words in the letter displayed on the screen. We also have to take care of the grammar while typing. This section, we have to finish within 10 minutes.

2. Quantitative Aptitude Part 1 (NEGATIVE MARKING IS THERE): In this second section, there are 28 questions and each of equal marks. The questions are focused mainly on the topics like profit and loss, percentage, Simple and Compound Interest, Time and work, Time speed and distance, Probability, average and Number Systems. Apart from this, there are also questions on geometry.

3. Quantitative Aptitude Part 2 (NEGATIVE MARKING IS THERE): In this last section, there are only two questions but each contains higher marks than the previous section's questions. 
I got the result of the online test after 5 days of the test. I was selected for the interviews.

Technical Round: 
Me: Sir, May I come in?
They: Yes.

Me: Very Good morning sirs, with a smile and checking my watch (assuring that it was still morning!).
They: Also with smile, replied me.

Man 2: Your hobby is playing computer games, name some.
Me: Counter strike, Hawx, Cricket.

Man 1: Do you know in which language CS is developed?
Me: C language sir.
He seemed impressed with my answer.

Man 1: What is the difference between C and C++?
Me: I explained with one basic difference (top to bottom and bottom top approach).
He seemed impressed again!

Man 1: Difference between Overriding and overloading?
I explained.

Man 1: Can we do overloading in C++.
Me: No.

Man 2: Difference b/w 32 bits and 64 bits?
Me:  (Confused) tried to answer.

Man 2 added some correction on that.
Man 1: What is pointers?
I explained.

Man 1: Why this concept is not used in other languages?
Me: Sir, no idea.
He: Because of hacking.
I answered (Thanks for saying the full form).

HR Round: 
Me: Happy morning sir! (With a smile).
HR: Replied me.

He: Depak, what inspires you?
Me: Told about three personality who inspire me, one of them I said, Mr. Modi.

He: Tell me challenging decision of your life.
I said.

He: Tell me about your five weaknesses,
I told.

He: Tell me about yourself briefly.
I did.

He: Explained about bonds.
He: Any questions.
I asked his experience while giving interview for TCS.
He told.

After 12 days, I got my offer letter from TCS

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