TCS Freshers .NET Interview Questions - 2015 -


Friday, October 2, 2015

TCS Freshers .NET Interview Questions - 2015

Company Name: TCS

1.Define .NET architecture
2.Difference between ASP and ASP.NET
3.Where does ADO.NET and XML web services come in the architecture
4.What is web.config and machine.config   
5.What is MSIL code
6.What is CTS, CLS and CLR
7.Uses of CLR
8.What is dataset and uses of dataset
9.What are Webservices, its attributes. Where they are available
10.What is UDDI and how to register a web service
11.Without UDDI, is it possible to access a remote web service
12.Difference between VB.NET and C#. Which is faster
13.What is the key feature of ADO.NET compared to ADO
14.Types of Caching
15.How WSDL is stored
16.What is a process
17.How a proxy is generated for a web service
18.What is binding in web service 
19.About delegates
20.What are static assemblies and dynamic assemblies. Differences between them

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