Robert Bosch Interview Experience Freshers 2015 - 2016 -


Friday, October 30, 2015

Robert Bosch Interview Experience Freshers 2015 - 2016

Company Name:  Robert Bosch

Interview Location: Bangalore 

Hello Everyone..I am a student of BVBCET 

The Pre placement talks were held few days prior to online test. I was very much impressed as they were the only company to show live demonstration of their work.
They bought 5 cars to our campus and explained the hardware developed on the cars 

The placement process consisted of three rounds:
1. Online Test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

Online Test: 
The online test consisted of 60 questions.
1 mark for right answer
-0.25 for wrong answer

35m Technical + 20m (Probability+Permutation Combination+Work+Analytical reasoning+Antonym and Synonyms)+ 5m (Passage reading) 

Technical Questions From
Few questions from C prog(5), Digital electronics(10), Microcontrollers 8051(5), Microprocessor 8085,8086(10), Control system(1), Networks(1), EDC(4), LIC(2), EC II(2), Circuit Theory(1).

Technical Interview:
About yourself, Brief explanation of projects, your contribution.
Block diagram of 8051.
Differences between microprocessor and micro controller.
What is DPTR, SCON ? Use of DPTR.
What is the size of address lines and data lines in 8051?
How interrupts work in 8051? how many interrupts are present ?what happens if two interrupts occur at the same time? What is priority? Which interrupt has highest priority ?
What is Program counter?
Differences between RAM and ROM.
What is volatile memory?
What is trap?
Differences between macros and functions. Applications of each of them.
What is 2D array in C? syntax?(say a[2][3]={0,1,2,3,4,5}    ), what will the output for a[2][0] ? What is a in the above example? What is a[0] ?
What is pointer to pointer? Difference between pointer and pointer to pointer?
What are storage classes in c?
What is the difference between static and global variables ? Applications of static variables.
What are encoders, decoders and mux?
What will be the output of MUX, if you connect output of encoder to the select lines of MUX?(can take eg. to explain.)
Difference between synchronous and asynchronous ?
What is positive edge triggered and negative edge triggered?
SR latch logic diagram, working ? Gated SR latch ? What modifications have to be made to get output when clock goes high to low?
What is sampling? Where it is used ?

HR Interview: 
HR : Why Bosch ?
I : Told

HR: Why should I hire you?
I : I told .

HR: What position you will be in after 10 years, If you got selected in BOSCH?
I: I told.

HR: Tell about your family member?
I: I told.

Lastly I was selected in Bosch.

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