MphasiS Interview Experience - Freshers 2014 / 2015 Batch -


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MphasiS Interview Experience - Freshers 2014 / 2015 Batch

Company Name:  MphasiS 

MphasiS Written Test conducted by AMCAT group This paper consists of four sections

1.Comprehension reading (2 passages,10 Q-10M)
2.Logical reasoning(15Q-15M)
3.Numerical Ability(15Q-15M)
4.Technical questions from C, C++, Data Structure, Java, OS, DBMS(20Q-20M).

Technical Interview:
About Project (Compulsory, Be ready with explanatory description)
Basics of C, C++, JAVA, SQL but too much in deep, Puzzles.
Define Malloc and Calloc?
What is Polymorphism in C++ ?
What is Inheritance in C++ ?
Principles of Java?
Which one of these is Platform Free Language ?
ATM follows which Topology ?
What is meant by polymorphism?
What does the protocol FTP do ?
In the transport layer ,TCP is what type of protocol
What is a semaphore?
In which layer are routers used
What is Function?
What is Dynamic memory allocation ?
In which class object is not declared ?
What are Pointers?
What is JVM?

HR  Round: 
What are your extra curricular activates
Why should we hire u?
What is your Dream Job?
Where u would be after 5 years?
What are the qualities of Project leader?
How you communicate with your team members?
Do u have any enemies in your team?
How long do you work for the company?

Versant (Verbal Communication Test):
There are Six Phases Here
Part 1: Read the sentences as instructed
Part 2: Repeat the sentence as directed
Part3: Answer the question in short (the question itself contains the answer)
Part 4.Rearrange the words and frame a sentence
Part 6: Story retelling
Part 7: Answer the questions in 40 sec…general or personnel

 I recently cleared all the rounds to get into MphasiS. Believe me! Its very easy. Just be confident.

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