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Monday, September 7, 2015

HP Placement Paper for Freshers - Interview Experience

Company Name:  HP

Location: Bangalore 

Hi all, I am sharing my interview experience with HP 
1. Written Test
2. Technical

Written Test: 
Totally 55 questions
1. Quants and normal Maths questions (12)
2. Verbal questions (Reading Comprehension) (8)
3. Technical Apti (35)
(C programs - based on operators)
(OOPs Concepts - C++ & Java)
(DBMS Questions (8))


1. Where are the global variables stored?
2. Difference between semaphore and mutex.
3. Why do we need inter process communication?
4. Give a real time example of stack
5. Write a code to achieve inter processor communication (mutual exclusion  implementation pseudo code)?
6. Why are local variables stored in stack?
7. Advantages of switch-case over if else?
8. Why do we need threads?
9. Some questions from resume, about my projects and hobbies.
10.Difference between C++ and Java.
11.What are objects?
12.Difference b/w Structure and Union?
13.What is Normalization?
14.Write a program for Overriding.
15.What is Runtime polymorphism.
16.Write a program for Sorting an Array.
17.What are the storage classes in C?                        

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