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Friday, September 4, 2015

CGI Placement Paper - Interview Experience (Fresher)

Company Name:  CGI 

Interview Location:  Bangalore 

There are total five rounds in the CGI drive process 

1. Aptitude + Reasoning 
2.Group Discussion 
3.Technical Round 1 
4.Technical Round 2
5.HR Interview 

1. Aptitude + Reasoning 

It was damn easy. 8-9 question from Number system, Ratio and proportion, Time and Work, Speed and Distance, HCF, LCM, Profit Loss, Problems on Numbers, Percentage & some logical reasoning questions.(No Negative Marks)

2. Group Discussion
  GD topic was "Is it proper to use celebrities for advertisement or not".

Very cool process, thing is you have talk boldly, raise points and participate in discussion, whether your communication is good or not no worries just speak out. Thats what they observe. Thy just check how bold you are. So just speak out. So don't get nervous. Speak for at least two minutes properly, You will be selected.

3.Technical Round 1 
  1. Describe your Final Year Project
  2. Asked about entire OOP concept (since I mentioned it in resume) :objects, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction. I described them very well with writing small programs on them.
  3. Asked to write a program to find the lowest no. From an array. After writing, I was told to describe it, Described very well.
  4. Asked to describe the ASP .NET Page Life Cycle:At first I had drawn the life cycle on the paper & then started to describe all it events.
4. Technical Round 2

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Final Year Project.
4. What is Encapsulation.
5. Write a program to output 

5.HR Interview 
  1. Market yourself.
  2. Why CGI?
  3. What is your ambition, weakness and strength? Asked me one by one?
  4. Hobbies
  5. Tell about your family background.
  6. Why should we select you?
  7. What are your expectations from society?
  8. What is IT industry?
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