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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Capgemini Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

Company Name: Capgemini

Hey guys, I am going to share my Capgemini Technical Interview  Questions with all of you

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. How does a Bluetooth work?
3. Tell me about your project?
4. Write a program to check whether a given date is a leap year or not?
5.SDLC, Factorial, few Data Structure questions
6.You know HTML, write the HTML Syntax
7. Tell me what is MS Access and SQL Database.
8.What are your subjects in 7 semester?
9.What is Cloud computing?
10.What is the difference in Java and C?
11.What is Platform independent?
12.How you installed and configured Netbeans?
13.What is CSS and why we use it?
14.You know Java?
15.Can you compile Java programs in notepad?
16.Then on Oracle SQL a few basic questions and they just touched Java topics
17. A simple Program for polymorphism?
18.What is meant by Garbage collection ?

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