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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

4 Best Resume Tips for Fresher Graduates / Engineers

Career Objective:
When you write your career objective, you should list only if you are crystal clear on what it is, like "entry level associate position in the software industry." If you are not sure about your goals, you will do more harm than good if you list something like, "promising position in a forward-looking company." If you are applying for a specific job, it’s easy enough to amend a resume to include an objective that matches the job description.

Contact Information:
List your email address and phone number(s) in the top part of first page of your profile. You can create an email address if the current one is not in correct naming convention. Highlight if you add initial in last like anandbabud@gmail.com. Most of the recruiters just type your email address to add in their portal instead of direct copy paste. There are chances to miss the last d in this example when they write-in. It advisable to provide your primary contact number in first.

Education Details:
Many students/freshers start with a brief personal statement outlining their abilities and aspirations. If you do this, be specific and keep it relevant to the engineering job in question. This is applicable even in educational information part of the resume. While writing your education details, do not forget to define your University/College/Institution name, year of passing, higher degree in chronological order. Ensure that this part covers the next part of your resume after career objective in first page of your resume.

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As a fresh graduate, you want to hold your resume length restricted to one page to one and a half pages as a maximum. You could also prefer to add a few references. Make sure that these references are informed that you are providing in their details.

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