Placement Process for Freshers Accenture - Questions Asked -


Monday, August 3, 2015

Placement Process for Freshers Accenture - Questions Asked

Company Name: Accenture

Interview Location: Mumbai

Interview Date: 4th Sep 2014

I'll like to share my placement process experience for Accenture which was held at my college 4th of September.

The test agency for Accenture was AMCAT. It was an adaptive test in which you cannot move forward or backward. You need to answer the current question and then only you can move to the next question. No negative marking was there.

The Test had 3 Sections:

(i) Verbal (25 questions, 25 minutes):
Having questions on Synonyms, Antonyms, Sentence Correction, Complete the Sentence, Prepositions, Articles and 2 to 3 Comprehensions (RC). Synonyms, Antonyms questions were just luck based questions. RC's were inference based. Overall Verbal was a simple area and good for scoring.

(ii) Quant (25 questions, 35 minutes):
Permutations and Combinations (Very Imp-5 to 6 qns tough to simple), Number System (Simple), HCF / LCM (Moderate to Simple), Profit & Loss (1/2 qns, moderate), Percentage, Time and Work (tough qns), Average (Simple)

(iii)Logic (24 questions, 35 minutes):
Odd man out, Series, Analogy (All were simple), Decision Making (Simple but time consuming), Arrangement (Simple), Distributions, Syllogism (Simple), Venn Diagram (Simple)

Around 300 appeared out of which 207 passed. Then we were called for the interview process the next day(5th Sept) after the Presentation Seminar.

Technical Interview Questions: 

Questions were of basic concepts of C, C++, OS, Network, Internet technologies and data structure.Prepare your project as well.
1. What was your role in project?
2. What technologies you used in your project and why?
3. Define the functionality of your project?
4. Define SDLC?
5. Define waterfall model? its advantages and disadvantages?
6. What is HTML 5?
7. What is Javascript?
8. Name a server side scripting language?
9. Define OS kernel?
10. Name graph traversal methods?

HR Interview Questions:
1. Introduce yourself?
2. What you have achieved besides your academics?
3. What do you know about Accenture?
4. What are core values of Accenture?
5. According to you which among the core values is most critical for the Accenture’s performance in IT field?
6. HR also ask me about the importance of curricular activities in one’s performance?
7. Sometimes they might ask you some general knowledge questions to check your awareness?

Out of 207 students, 150 were recruited. I was one of them.

Just be yourself in the interview. Don't bluff. If you don't know something, just say I DON'T KNOW. Be yourself even in your resume.

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