IBM Technical Support Associate Interview Experience - Freshers -


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

IBM Technical Support Associate Interview Experience - Freshers

Company Name: IBM 

Interview Location: Hyderabad 

The first round was Face-to Face round

1. Introduce about yourself ?
Everyone starts My name is, B.Tech,12,10 and so on...
Improvements: Need to Introduce with your full name. Say how people call you. Then say that my Highest Education is B.Tech or what ever. Then comes Hobbies , Family Background , And Special attractions why they should choose you (Ex: Paper Presentations etc..) 

Second Round: 

Versant  Round: 
1. Introduction.
2. Most memorable Movement
3. Important Thing in life
4. About my Place.

They just check your Communication Skills.  

Third Round:  Technical Round / Networking
1. What is TCP/IP
2. What is Networking
3. Difference between Router, Switch and Hub
5. Laptop specification which I use at home
6. Outlook Issues
7. Power Drain related Questions 

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