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Monday, August 31, 2015

Capgemini Interview Experience Freshers - Placement Paper

Company Name: Capgemini 

Interview Location:  Bhopal

 Selection Procedure consist of 3 rounds

1. Aptitude Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical cum HR Interview

Aptitude Test:
It consisted of 3 sections namely 
1. English
2. Logical Reasoning
3. Maths(Quantitative aptitude)

1. English
English error correction, idioms, synonyms, antonym were there and some fill in the blanks on articles and there were 2 passages it was easy.
2. Logical Reasoning
In this two question on flow chart followed by 8-10 questions, syllogism, statement and conclusion, statement and assumption, 2 questions from series, 2 question from blood relation, 2 questions from coding and decoding.  

3.Maths(Quantitative aptitude)
Number system, trigonometry, area, triangle, volume, age, profit loss, pie chart, Arithmetic propagation, boat problem, time and distance, it was tough section in comparison to above two, time management is required here.

Group Discussion

"Should other streams of students are allowed in IT Industry"

I have taken a neutral stand and something 4-5 times I have told my points but the biggest thing is you should maintain your listening skills too.
Don't speak too much and not too less.
Technical cum HR Interview

Me: May I come in sir?
Interviewer: Yes.
Me: Seated and good afternoon sir.

Int: Afternoon. Give your resume.
Me: Seeing to them.

Int: Ok, tell me about your projects.
Me: Told what I know.

Int: You know Java?
Me: Yes.

Int: Can you compile Java programs in notepad?
Me: Yes.

Int: How?
Me: I told what all i know.

Int: You know HTML, write the HTML syntax.
Me: Wrote.

Int: Ok, you doesn't close the Head tag will it work?
Me: Yes .

(He asked me many times and confusing me but I said yes and provide him some explanations.)

Int: Will it work if we doesn't close body and HTML tag?
Me: I said no.

Int: Tell me what is MS Access and SQL Database.
Me: Told.

Int: What are your subjects in 7 semester?
Me: Told.

Int: What is Cloud computing?
Me: Told all what I know.

Int: What is the difference in Java and C?
Me: Told.

Int: What is Platform independent?
Me: Told.

Int: How you installed and configured Netbeans?
Me: Told. Not know sir.

Int: Last, what is CSS and why we use it?
Me: Told all what I know.

Int: Ok, you may go now.

And then next day results where out out of 52 only 26 selected and I was one of them
guys don't be nervous, show your confident, they don't want exact answers from you, they just see what you speak confidently and how you tackle their questions I have given all answers but not exactly.

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