Accenture Placement Paper for Freshers - Technical Questions -


Friday, August 21, 2015

Accenture Placement Paper for Freshers - Technical Questions

Company Name: Accenture 

Interview Location: Pune

I'd like to share my experience of Accenture recent interview which I attended.

1.Which is the parameter that is added to every non-static member function when it is called?
2.What is a binary semaphore? What is its use?
3.What is data structure?
4. Asked few questions from Basic C/C++ i.e. Structures, Union, Functions
5.List out few of the Application of tree data-structure?
6.List out few of the applications that make use of Multi linked Structures?
7.What is your favorite subject?
Me: Java and DBMS.
8.What is Truncate and delete?
9.What is Commit and Rollback?
10.What is Struts and Hibernate?
11. Final year project.
12.What is the type of the algorithm used in solving the 8 Queens problem?
13. In RDBMS, what is the efficient data structure used in the internal storage representation?
14.In C++, what is the difference between method overloading and method overriding?

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