Infosys Interview 2015 @ Hyderabad - Questions Asked -


Friday, July 24, 2015

Infosys Interview 2015 @ Hyderabad - Questions Asked

Company:   Infosys

Interview Location: Hyderabad

Interview Date:  8th February 2015

Pre-Placement Talk was started at 10.30 in the morning. PPT was awesome, nicely given by Infosys people. Exam was started for 1st batch at 12 PM. Fortunately I am first batch.

Infosys Selection Process consists of 2 stages:

1) Online Test.
2) Technical and HR Interview.

Quantitative Ability - 10 Questions 35 Minutes (Puzzle 5Q,  Series 1Q, Probability 2Q, Cryptography-1Q, Time and Distance-1Q)

Reasoning Ability - 15 Questions 25 Minutes (5Q Data Sufficiency, 5Q Data Interpretation, 5Q Syllogism)

Verbal Ability - 40 Questions 35 Minutes (2 Passages-10Q, Fill in  the Blank -5Q, Sentence Corr -10Q, Find the Correct Sentence -10Q)

1) Online Test:

It Consists of 3 sections:

(a) Reasoning section: (15 questions, 25 minutes)

it was quite easy compared with remaining sections.

It consists of three parts.

1. Syllogism (easy)
2. Data Interpretation (Easy)
3. Data sufficiency (Moderate)

(b) Aptitude section: (10 questions, 35 minutes)

I feel it was little bit tough for me.

It consists of a puzzle followed by 5 questions, and 5 questions from quantitative aptitude like time and work, time and distance, permutations and combinations.

(c) Verbal (40 questions, 35 minutes)

It was very very tough.

1. Sentence Correction.
2. Insert Correct Phrase.

Underline a part of sentence and asked to insert correct phrase in it from given four options.
It was quite difficult.

No.of Questions: 8.
3. Fill in the Blanks.

No.of Questions: 8.
4. Two Reading Comprehensions.

No.of Questions: 10.
Manage the time Effectively, so that you can do well.

Results announced at 6.30 PM, OMG !!! my name in the list, and they want us to attend for interview at 7 PM.

Interview part:

Out of 486 Students, 25 cleared Online Test.

Both Technical and HR interview Happened in single panel.

I am the first person who was taken the interview, felt very tensed.

Me: May I come in Madam?

Interviewer: Yeah, Mahesh please come in and have a seat.

Me: Thank you Madam, How are you madam?

Interviewer: Fine Mahesh, and How are you?
Me: Fine Madam.

Me: While I was  answering the question madam interrupted me  and asked .

Interviewer: Mahesh can you please tell something other than Resume??
Me: I am explained about projects which were done by My TEAM (Not internship project and final year project).

Interviewer: OK, what qualities should team lead consists?
Me: Told with confidence and smile on face.

Interviewer: Tell me about Major Project?
Me: Told.

Interviewer: What are the Difference B/W CPP, C and Java?
Me: Explained.

Interviewer: Can you please explain any one of your subject?
Me: I explained about BINARY TREES, B TREES (Data structures subject is very easy for me).

Interviewer:  What is structure?

ME: Sir, structure is collection of diff types of variables under one name

Interviewer: What is linked list?

ME: Sir it is data structure consists of group of nodes. Each node has two fields.
1) Item.
2) Pointer to next node (that means which is used to hold address of next node).

Interviewer: OK Mahesh, If you are asked to give location preferences what do you select?
Me: I can work anywhere madam.

Interviewer: OK. Do you have any thing to ask?
Me: Yes madam, what we people have to do in infosys?

Interviewer: Explained about working environment and all other things.
Me: What is my performance in interview?

Interviewer: That will know within 2 Hrs.
Me: OK madam, thank you very much.

So finally I am INFOSCIAN Now. 

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