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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CTS Placement Process 2015

Company Name: Cognizant

Interview Location: Hyderabad

Interview Date:  21st Feb 2015

Now let's come to the selection process. It consisted of three rounds

- Online test(AMCAT).
- Technical Interview.
- HR Interview.

 1.Online test(AMCAT) - (55 QUESTIONS=55 MINUTES)

(i) Verbal (25 questions)

Here you have to concentrate on synonyms and filling with prepositions.
And antonyms, scrambled passage and 2 reading comprehensions.

(ii) Quant (16 questions)

Pipes and Cisterns
Number System.
Time and Work.
Profit and Loss
Problems based on trains

(iii) Logical (15 questions)

Most of the questions will be on coding decoding.

IF you Clear This Test you Will Get a Mail in 4 to 7 Days After Completion of Test.

2. Technical 

 Here after finishing of the registration process they gave me a token number and told me to wait.

After a wait of 1 hour my name along with few other candidates was called. Then they took us to interview panels and told us to wait after a wait of 15-20 mins my name was called.

So interview went on like this.

Me: May I come in sir.

Interviewer: Yes come in. So, krishnapriya how are you?
Me: Very fine sir.

Interviewer: Please have a seat.
Me: Thank you sir.  (believe it he is really very friendly).

Interviewer : So tell me about yourself.  (this is the question you should be well prepared for).
Me: Said.

Interviewer: So tell me about your project.
Me: Said (he was listening to me very keenly).

Interviewer: So can you write any program in C (because I only mentioned C in my resume).
Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: So write a program fibonacci.

Me:  (guys and girls prepare well with all basic programs like prime, even odd, factorial, fibonacci, armstrong, swapping without 3rd variable, addition without 3rd variable don't mug up be practical and be thorough with the logics as they will ask to explain also) I wrote the program.

Interviewer: Good. Do you have any idea about database.
Me: No sir (be confident to say no).

Interviewer: So you did any internships?
Me: No.

Interviewer: Ok answer this question, (he said this and he gave me an aptitude question based on trains).
Me:  (I was little bit tensed) and told some how.

Interviewer: So are you ready to relocate?
Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Ok nice talking to you, so krishnapriya do you have any questions for me?.
Me: Sir, how was my performance?

Interviewer: You are good at your core and the also the programming language you know. What I suggest you is don't be panic, ok see you then bye : ).
Me: Ok sir thank you.

And I was told to wait for few minutes for the result.

And after 15 mins my name was called for HR.

3. HR Interview

Me: May I come in sir.  (maintain smile on your face).

HR: Yes, come in so you are krishnapriya how should I call you. Krishna or priya or krishna priya.  (before my answer he told me ok I will call you krishnapriya).
Me: Smiled.

HR: Ok sit. : ).
He went through my resume for 1-2mins and told me to introduce my self.
Me: Gave my intro (as said above be very well prepared for this).

HR: So do you know about computers?
Me: Yes sir.

HR: So tell me any 3 search engines apart from google.
Me: I told bing, yahoo, and askme.

HR: How good learner are you?
Me: Told and explained with an example.

HR: What are the extra curricular activities possess.
Me: Told about singing.

HR: Don't you have any experience with sports?
Me: Told I had experience in khokho.

HR: So what do you learnt from SPORTS.
Me: Told.

HR: Tell me any 3 unique team leadership qualities.
Me: Told.

HR:  (he gave me a paper and told me to read keenly and sign).
Me: I read it carefully and signed.

HR: OK you signed it.
Me: Yes sir.

HR: So what did you understand from that.
Me: Told.

And he said nice talking to you and good day : ).

And after 4 days got my confirmation mail. With login details am very glad

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