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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Top 5 Common mistakes people do in Resumes

1. Spelling and Grammar mistakes: Resume is the place where you can market/promote yourself. No one will accept spelling, typo, grammar or even punctuation mistakes in your resume; covering letter and subject line of your email. Use spell checker before you send it to employers or before you take print.
2. Quality matters: No one will ask your life history on your resume. Always keep your resume simple and provide only relevant data.

3. Tailoring your resume: If you are a fresher or 1 to 2 years experienced candidate applying for job, you may be applying for .NET, Java, Oracle, UNIX based on the skill required. Do not use the same content in all requirements. Understand that every job is different; so you have to alter your covering letter as well.
4. Resume Objectives: First thing comes in front of the interviewer in your resume are the objectives. So most of the job seekers use stylish, rarely used vocabulary; a kind of tough English only dictionary knows the meaning. Make sure that this part needs to explain your objectives in very simple way.
5. Contact Information: You may have a practice of changing your contact number frequently. So ensure that you update that in your resume. Your contact email ID should be readable and user friendly.
  • No more than two pages in length. All resumes, no matter how extensive the background, should never exceed two pages
  • Again, Nothing will get a resume discarded faster than the impression of carelessness with spelling and grammatical errors.

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