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Friday, November 8, 2013

Freshers Corner [Plan.. Prepare.. Practice.. Perform]

Dear Fresher,

Welcome. You can find enough stuff in this website for your career in India. We created this website to include all the necessary guide in one place for a job seekers.
 Please use as much as you can and reach us at in case you need any more guidance or help.

Planning & Preparation
1. Make sure you are familiar with C, C++, Database
2. C [Pointers], C++ [OOPS], Database basics[Normalization, basic definitions]
3. Software Engineering [SDLC, Testing Types, Software Paradigms]
4. Data structures [stack, queue, trees]
5. Basics in OS and Computer Networks [TCP/IP, Congestion]
(.. m o r e)
Resume Writing Tips for Fresher
1. Avoid spelling/grammatical mistakes in your resume. Use a good fond and size.
2. Include your percentage of marks in your higher degree and do not miss to add all educational history like SSLC, HSC.
3. Do not expect the interviewer to search your email ID and phone number. Make sure its visible at first sight and double check it.
4. Adding two projects in your resume is enough. Make sure it must be a very good one.
5. Send a separate email while applying for different companies.
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During Interview
1. Very easy. Be confidence that you will definitely get the job.
2. If you are not understanding the question asked, ask him/her twice. But be clear with your answer. That's it.
3. You should know about the company like the company history, their area of working, number of people, number of countries they work, CEO of the company (ask any employee if you forget to prepare as I did) before attending interview.
4. Keep in mind that how you are explaining about your projects will give you job. So be clear and well prepare your projects.
5. If you do not know the answer, say "No" frankly.. but not always.
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