Accenture Interview Questions for Fresher Software Engineer

Accenture Interview Questions for Fresher Software Engineer

Name of the Candidate: Kalpana

About How I appeared / applied
I applied through campus interview in our college.

About the interview

There was 3 interview rounds starts with Aptitude test. The test is for the whole class of the last year students and the last year pass outs. Even the candidates having low GPA or percentage appeared the first round. The selected candidates called for technical interview. Some of the questions asked in tech interview..

1. Tell me about OOPS concept
2. Give real time example explaining Polymorphism
3. Some questions from C and C++ concepts like array, pointers etc
4. About database concepts like normalization, different between primary key and unique key
5. To write stored procedure for updating set of records from a data set using Cursor..

In HR interview, I was asked some standard HR questions like tell me about yourself, strengths and weakness, etc

Since this is pretty much basic and I was prepared for, I got selected.

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