3 Reasons Why You have to Learn Javascript as your First Programming Language

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You can always clean your teeth without toothbrush if you think that you don't need to learn JavaScript if you are/want to be a mobile application developer or a web developer. 

Be in Trend.. Permanently

Regardless of your learning goals — whether it’s to build an iPhone app, become a web developer, or automate some parts of your job, mark my words - you should start with JavaScript.

East to Start with

JavaScript is the easiest language to start learning with since there’s nothing to install or complex “runtime” environments to configure. One more important information is that it is very simple to create Android/iOS Apps using JavaScript.

Most Wanted to Hire / High Demand

It is the most Demand for Employment now-a-days and if your goal is to become professionally employable as a programmer, then it’d be hard to make a better choice than JavaScript right now. 

JavaScript is only needed if you want your page to do more than just display static content. If the page is static it's not needed.

Development is all about adding things to your toolbox. If you have HTML5 and CSS3 and have a good understanding of JavaScript, you will be more valuable to customers than if you only know HTML5 and CSS3. For browser based development, JavaScript (and it's libraries) are invaluable.

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